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Profound journeys begin long before one arrives in a foreign country. They begin as soon as our imaginations are sparked by the possibility of adventure and change.

We understand that there is much to consider before embarking on any journey of such significance. Therefore, we are here to guide you through the process of exploration before you are transported to another land, time, and culture.

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What Others Have Said
About the Still Water Travel Experience

"The feeling of relaxation and peacefulness experienced on most vacations fade soon after the return to home and work responsibilities. But the Baja whale adventure was unique. It is now several weeks since my return and I marvel at the lingering sense of calm I have experienced. The trip was truly too wonderful for words. Just a peruse through my photo album would give you an idea of the joy each of my fellow travelers experienced - the looks of awe, laughter and joy on each of our faces tell the story of a Chess Edwards' trip better than anything I could write."

Sheryl Bronkesh, Scottsdale, AZ

"I went to Baja with Chess Edwards anticipating a relaxing trip, but I never could have anticipated the sheer joy and camaraderie that was shared by the entire group. It was a wonderful experience, with incredible sunrises, sunsets and days of the most awesome whale watching one could ever hope for. Above all we were truly spoiled by Chess and his support staff--they were all incredibly gracious and the food and accommodations were the best I've ever had on any trip - and I've been on more than a few!

Chess, thanks for sharing your sense of wonder at the beauty of Baja, and your knowledge of the people and wildlife who live there.   I will definitely return!"

Diane Douglas, Encinitas, CA

"Nature in its majesty took care of the presence of whales and a pristine setting but Chess, you and Still Water Travel took care of allowing the group to bond and flourish. It was an explosion of sensory discovery, none of which would have happened without your motivational leadership, always being available, gently directing our experience, and never rigid or judgmental. The perfect Petri dish for personal growth.

I think we all would agree that each of us grew increasingly tranquil and opened to our unique discoveries as we connected on our own personal levels. I was a cynic and now a convert to your gentle drawing out. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and talents, they made for quite a memorable trip."

Roz Lombardo, Morristown, NJ

"I had never been an adventure traveler. But when I met Chess Edwards he helped ignite a spark that drew me to Baja on a Whale Watching expedition. The trip turned out to be far more of a sensory experience than I had ever imagined - from the sights of such magnificent beauty, to the tastes of the great and abundant food, to the sound and smell of the sea lapping at the shore and to the touch of my fellow travelers as we embraced in our new found friendships. All in all - it's a trip I will never forget, and hope to return again!"

Rita Flores, San Diego, CA

"Traveling to Africa with Still Water Travel under the expert guidance of Chess Edwards is an experience unparalleled. At least it was for me and I’m 71 and have traveled extensively over that many years.

The term “no worries” was definitely relative to this dream trip to South Africa. Absolutely everything was attended to on the travelers behalf. The lodges were exquisite, which was a marvelous surprise considering one is out in the bush, the food superb and the attending staffs caring and accommodating. As the added bonus, every animal promised appeared for our perusal.

It was obvious a great deal of time and thought went into preparing for this safari. Thank you, Chess, for making those 17 days a truly spiritual experience which will remain with me for the rest of my life."

Sparky - Saugatuck, MI

"I was truly blessed by the opportunity to travel with you to such a special part of the world. Your abounding graciousness, knowledge, warmth, caring, and sense of humor are phenomenal! Thank you for opening the door to establishing new and genuinely spiritual relationships."

Christie Harrington -Ventura, CA

"The words 'thank you' are completely inadequate in expressing my sincere appreciation for everything you did to make this journey so magnificent."

Mike Buckley - San Diego, CA

"Wow! Another amazing experience. Chess offers adventure travel in the finest style created for the traveler who focuses on stepping outside of environmental and cultural boxes and seeing the world with new eyes. I've gone with Chess to Nepal and Tibet and to Baja whale watching ... all very different and exciting experiences. Chess' intimate knowledge of the destination combined with his attention to detail and attentiveness provides a marvelous space for growth and delight. I'm already looking forward to our trip to Africa in 2003!"

Candace Young-Schult - Leucadia, CA

"I went on this trip open to all experiences. I was not disappointed. We were thoughtfully guided through an amazing week of body, mind and soul enrichment. I will never forget this trip. I am truly blessed to have been able to go. Thank you to all who made it work and, of course, especially to you Chess and the magic you create."

Marcia Bonini - Del Mar, CA

"You made it so easy for us to have an experience we'll never be the same for having had.  I for one am in your debt: so much has and continues to change for me as a result of our all being together. We really miss our fellow travelers."

Hugh Little - Saugatuck, MI

"The camaraderie that developed among new acquaintances in the process of communing with the whales made the experience a delight. The soft skin of mother and baby whales seeking a friendly human encounter was striking. Thanks Chess. It was a great trip."

Steve Cameron - San Diego, CA

"We had an amazingly wonderful time. There is no way that we could have had so many experiences on a two-week trip to Nepal without the intimate knowledge that our guides provided. The trip far exceeded our expectations."

Mark & Patti Rosenthal - San Diego, CA

"Many thanks for a wonderful and inspiring trip!  I loved spending time both in Kathmandu and the gorgeous mountains and monasteries.  I appreciate how well taken care of I felt at all times.  The Nepali staff was terrific and fun to interact with too.  I would heartily recommend for anyone to take another trip with you, for the warmth and care that went into making this trip special really came through clearly at every step of the way."

Marie-Elizabeth Mundheim - New York, NY

"Chess, the trek in Nepal far exceeded our expectations and will be remembered forever as one of our most memorable vacations. It was your deep understanding of Nepalese customs and traditions, and your personal relationship with the Nepalese - particularly the Sherpas and the monks in the monasteries -- that made us feel more like guests than tourists."

Dale & Edie Sundby, La Jolla, CA