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Inspired by over twenty years of facilitating adventures throughout the world, Still Water Travel caters to the traveler rather than the tourist.

We are dedicated to revitalizing the spirit of adventure through conscious travel while deepening our connection to ourselves, humanity and the earth.

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What We Do



Still Water Travel serves those interested in:

  • Traveling with a true Spirit of Adventure and awareness
  • Shifting perspectives while exploring new ways of looking at themselves and the world
  • Revitalizing spirit through travel
  • Expanding horizons through a journey of self-discovery
  • Sharing conscious travel experiences with others of similar interests


The name Still Water Travel is derived from a Zen concept that a turbulent and chaotic consciousness, or mind, is limited in its ability to clearly perceive, learn, and expand.  Whereas a calmed mind and spirit is better able to experience the world fully with clear awareness.

Thus the image of tossing a large boulder into a turbulent ocean only to see the effect quickly diminished by the chaotic waves of the ocean. But drop the tinniest pebble into the still water of a placid pond and the effect is clear, expansive and sustained for a longer period of time.

It is our belief at Still Water Travel that one way to get the most out of the travel experience is to make time and opportunity on the journey to slow the mind, calm the consciousness and allow our senses to fully engage.

We facilitate small group travel programs that often include optional yoga instruction as an avenue of increasing awareness and integration of mind, body and spirit.

Still Water Travel operates quality adventure travel and conscious travel programs at a high level of comfort and professionalism.  We do not operate budget travel programs and are committed to the highest standards of client care and support.  We take full advantage of the fact that we are a small company by providing a more intimate and personal level of care to those who travel with us.  Because of our attention to detail, many of our travelers return to experience a Still Water Travel program again and again.

Still Water Travel programs are facilitated in locations which inspire and engage the human spirit in deep and profound ways.  Either through nature, culture or a combination of both, our journeys are designed to create enriching memories that will last a lifetime.

We are passionate about the areas in which we travel and our passion and excitement is shared with, and is typically embodied by, those with whom we travel.

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Our Thoughts on Travel


Typically international travel is more of a rarity than the norm in our lives. Travel gives us the opportunity to step out of our standard patterns of behavior and allows us to expand our perceptions of ourselves, others, the human condition, the social consciousness of the world in which we live and the natural wonders of our planet.

All of our senses come alive when we travel. Our eyes are wide open, our sense of relationship is heightened: Relationship to other individuals, other cultures, the planet and ourselves. We have found that travel allows us the opportunity to see our lives "back home" in a new light, to realign with our true core beliefs, to adjust our priorities and make new commitments.

When travel is undertaken on a conscious level, there is a heightened opportunity to witness ourselves outside of our unconscious patterns and routines. We are able to see areas of our lives where perhaps we are spending too much energy worrying or struggling or holding on to old and unproductive behaviors.  We are able to witness areas of our lives where we are not spending enough of our focus, energy or commitment. In other words, travel undertaken in a conscious manner allows us to regain balance in our lives and re-adjust our priorities.  A lifestyle tune up, if you will.

This is the state of being that Still Water Travel programs tap into and of which we take advantage.  We bring a sense of intention to the travel experience.

Intentional and conscious travel is accomplished during a Still Water Travel program through the use of ceremony, yoga, purposeful discussions and paying close attention to the intricacies of group dynamics. Sometimes the desired results are achieved through the group leader simply guiding a dinner discussion toward a subject that invokes conscious thought and awareness of how we are being affected by the travel experience. The group leader may simply ask the members of the group to speak about their most profound part of the journey thus far.  It is amazing how a simple question posed at just the right time can turn an average meal into an dynamic evening of thought provoking conversation, laughter, learning and insight.  Suddenly you are learning more about yourself and your fellow travelers that is often missed on standard travel programs.

It is the responsibility of the group leader to always be cognizant of the group mood, energy and spirit. It is his/her job to facilitate the experience so that it yields the greatest potential for growth, awareness, enjoyment and a continually strengthening group camaraderie.

Still Water Travel programs utilize the process of ceremony to focus intention around a certain topic or discussion.  During the first night of a program after we have arrived in our host country, we might gather together to start the process of getting to know the other members of the group with whom we are about to share an amazing travel experience.  Your guide may ask you to come to the ceremony prepared with some small representation (totem) of why you have chosen to take this journey at this time of your life.  As each person shares their thoughts with the others, the group begins to create an identity together, bonds begin to form and personal barriers are reduced.

Toward the end of the program your guide may provide opportunity for another simple ceremony (or gathering) where the totem that you bring represents something about yourself that you wish to commit to change.  This may be an area of your life that you realize no longer serves you or a part of your life which has been neglected and needs more attention.

The purpose of these simple gatherings is to focus intention and awareness so that our consciousness may expand and our group may become more of a community of travelers than a loosely knit gaggle of tourists.

Above all we respect your choice to participate at the level at which you feel most comfortable. We travel and explore together to celebrate life, expand our horizons and ultimately to have fun!

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Who We Are


We are a small travel operator that typically runs only three or four specialized journeys each year.  Our travel programs are limited to a maximum of 16 passengers unless contracted to run a slightly larger group as a special charter. All of our travel programs are intimately designed and customized to maximize the traveler's opportunity for a trip of a lifetime.

Still Water Travel is owned and operated by Chess Edwards, who has been guiding and organizing international travel programs for over 20 years. All Still Water Travel programs are created, organized and guided by Chess Edwards.

Chess is an adventure and conscious travel guide, not a tour leader. He brings to each Still Water Travel journey his passion, commitment to excellence, professionalism, humor and a wealth of travel tales from around the globe (some of them are even true!)

Each Still Water Travel program is enriched by Chess' experience as a personal coach, corporate team development facilitator, trained wilderness guide, natural history educator, professional photographer and motivational speaker. To learn more about Chess' background and experience, please see his Bio online.

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