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This small group Nepal journey of consciousness and awareness is designed for those who want to combine the magnificence of trekking in the Himalayas with the spiritual experience of the monastic culture of Nepal. We trek in the lower Solu Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal which is known for its less traveled trails, high concentration of mountain monasteries, and the incredible hospitality of the Sherpa people.


  • Trip Dates:
    Charter journeys available for November and December
  • Synopsis: 16 days (12 in Nepal) 7 days moderate to strenuous hiking on uneven ground, sometimes steep, terrain at medium to high elevations (maximum 15,000').
  • 6 nights camping, 5 nights Kathmandu hotel, 1 night mountain hotel.

"Many thanks for a wonderful and inspiring trip!  I loved spending time both in Kathmandu and the gorgeous mountains and monasteries. I appreciate how well taken care of I felt at all times. The Nepali staff was terrific and fun to interact with too.

I would heartily recommend for anyone to take another trip with you, for the warmth and care that went into making this trip special really came through clearly at every step of the way."

Marie-Elizabeth Mundheim - New York, NY


Our physical journey through one of the world's most sacred mountain regions and the authentic Nepalese culture will be greatly enhanced through the consciousness and spiritual dimensions that are unique to a Still Water Travel program.

This is the adventure that helped develop the core essence of a Still Water Travel journey. The ceremonies that we create as a group, which are now a part of every one of our programs, were borne from the magic of the Himalayas over 20 years ago.

This is more than just a trek, this is a personal exploration intended to deepen the traveler’s connection to their truth, power, wisdom and compassion.

The awakening elements of our Himalayan journey will calm your mind, rejuvenate your soul, and restore your spirit.

Our seven day trek begins with a charter flight to the mountain airstrip of Phaplu high in the Upper Soleri Valley of the Solu Khumbu. From there we begin our journey into the mountains where we will enjoy intimate visits two of the areas most prominent mountain monasteries.

Our route leads through a magnificent landscape of rhododendron and blue pine forests to Chiwong Gompa - fabled Monastery Above the Clouds. It is here that we experience one of the highlights of our mountain journey; an opportunity to witness the yearly sacred event known as Mani Rimdu.

This festival of pageantry, celebration and flamboyant ritual offers our group an extraordinary opportunity to receive private blessings from Trulsig Rimopoche, who presides over the three day festival and is one of Nepal’s most prominent Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leaders.

This sacred opportunity to meet with Trulsig Rimpoche is possible because over the past 15 years, Still Water Travel has made many friends in the Solu Khumbu which ensures that we will be treated to opportunities and 'behind the scenes' experiences not available to most trekking parties.

We then make our way up to Dudh Khund - sacred milk lake at the base of 22,800 ft. Numbar Himal and sacred pilgrimage site for Tibetan lamas and Shiva worshipping Hindu Shamans.

Our highest and most spectacular day of trekking follows an impressive 15,000 ft. ridge line with panoramic mountain vistas which include Mt. Everest.

We will then spend a day at Tupten Choling, the largest mountain monastery in Nepal that is headed by His Holiness, Trulsig Rimpoche. Here we will have a good chance for more private ceremonies and blessings.

Nepal Yoga TrekkingThe trek wraps up at the luxury hotel (by mountain standards) of our friend R.P. Lama, the mayor of Phaplu, where we will have hot showers, a sauna and the opportunity to relax in front of a roaring fire while reminiscing about our recent experiences.

We end our trip with two days in Kathmandu for some final shopping, relaxation, and touring.

As we do with all of our journeys, we will take time during our final days in Kathmandu to focus our awareness on how to integrate our renewed perspectives and sense of selves with our lives back home.

This is an essential element in allowing our travels and explorations to have influence on our lives and to arrive home different than we were we when embarked on our journey of discovery.

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Chess Edwards is a professional expedition leader, Adventure Travel Photographer, Corporate Team Development Trainer, Personal Life-balance Coach and Motivational Speaker. Trained in Wilderness Leadership and Outdoor Programming, Chess is skilled in the art of managing group dynamics and promoting personal growth. Chess has guided sea kayaking, natural history, Himalayan trekking, cultural exploration & personal growth programs for over twenty years. Chess owns and operates Still Water Travel and personally guides all of our travel programs.

Chess' full resumé and his visual anthropology collection of photographs can be viewed here.

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