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When we let the natural beauty and power of the wilderness guide us,
we’re able to slow down, listen deeply and access a wisdom that is not easily available in our normal lives.

Magdalena Bay - A powerful retreat environment

  • Sublime and expansive landscapes
  • The aliveness of the natural world of sand, sun,
    stars and sea
  • Space to wander, explore and discover
  • Quiet in which to listen and expand
  • Up close and personal, once-in-a-lifetime whale encounters.
    Be with whales as they roll, breach and tend to their young.

Additional Wilderness Activities:

Superb Beach Combing • Hiking beaches alongside wild crashing surf and the surreal terrain of deserted sand dunes • Optional sea kayaking • Bird Watching

Inner Journey

To support your powerful transformation, we will be facilitating a multi-faceted personal discovery program.

You will participate in:

  • Intentionally designed and uniquely crafted self awareness processes
  • Individual and Group Coaching opportunities
  • Guided meditations
  • Instructor-led Dance/Conscious Movement
  • Presentations and facilitated discussions on personal development cycles

You will be invited to:

  • Restore your inherent vitality and creativity
  • Renew your spirit
  • Listen deeply to your own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Align with your authentic self
  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Let go of your perceived limitations
  • Clarify a life vision
  • Expand your imagination of what a fulfilling life can be



We know that the possibility for transformation greatly increases,
and is so much more fun, when allowed to unfold in the presence of intentional community.


You will be an important part of:

  • Shared adventure and play with others
  • Laughter, exploration and connection with like-minded adventurers
  • Witnessing and supporting others risk and grow
  • Co-creating support for each person’s unique journey
  • Cultivating friendships that are deep, rich and enduring.


While on retreat, you will be well cared for.

Your journey is supported by two skilled and compassionate professional coaches
who are also well seasoned wilderness guides.

Chess and Marlena are committed to ensuring that your full experience is a sacred one
that you will cherish and tell stories about for the rest of your life.


Our tranquil setting on a beautiful secluded beach
is supplied with:

  • A caring and attentive local staff with decades of experience supporting the needs of travelers who are celebrating a once in a lifetime experience
  • Deluxe camping facilities
  • Oversized walk-in tents
  • Solar heated showers
  • Delicious gourmet healthy menus (We can accommodate a wide spectrum of dietary preferences)

Chess Edwards

Return home with:

  • Peace & Stillness
  • Inspiration
  • Confidence
  • Personal Power
  • Clarity
  • New Possibilities
  • Direction & Purpose
  • Joy, Celebration & Freedom




"...I heartily recommend for anyone to take another trip with Still Water Travel. The warmth and care that went into making this Baja Whales trip special really came through at every step of the way."


"Thank you!! I would not be where I am today without your unconditional support and love. You held my hand as I stepped into the darkest of dark and learned to love what I used hate.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Chess for being there during every single step. I am eternally grateful."


"Marlena will open your heart and mind in ways you cannot imagine. And she will do it with rigor, kindness and warmth that will take your breath away. She is masterful at her craft. Marlena points me, over and over again, to expanding my awareness to "make room" for all of me - even those dark, ugly places that I have denied. I love myself more than ever. Coaching is the space where I explore the limits of my beliefs and the edges of my dreams and possibilities in pursuit of living more consciously on purpose. Marlena holds this space with the most amazing gentle and loving focus. It is as if I were a bouquet of flowers that she is cherishing."


"Chess is a gifted guide who stands at the threshold and holds the door wide open for you in a loving and safe way.
My experience with Chess is a cherished flow of growth and transformation. I can only hope that others will allow the opportunity to work with such a unique being who brings light to all who he touches!"


"I have been able to accomplish dreams and desires that I have harbored for years but had never been able to find a way to achieve. Marlena has a way of meeting you were you are and assisting you in moving in the direction you desire. You get in tune with yourself and your personal inner strength."


Your Guide


Chess Edwards, owner of Still Water Travel and Life Foundations Guide, is dedicated to helping his clients live lives they absolutely love. Chess has led a life of true adventure and deep exploration. Whether it be guiding personal development expeditions in some of the most wild and remote reaches of the Himalayas, coaching business leaders to unleash their most potent leadership skills, facilitating dynamic team development processes or coaching people to create their most vibrant and fulfilling lives, Chess translates the mind set of the adventurer and explorer into powerful life skills that enliven and unlock your full potential.

The primary focus of Chess' work is on building the core foundations of peace, clarity and presence upon which his clients build healthy thriving lives.

Chess is one of the pioneers of Magdalena Bay whale watching programs and has guided sea kayaking, Himalayan trekking and cultural exploration programs throughout the world for over twenty five years.



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